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Why Zija?

How to pick the right MLM company.
Is Zija the right FIT?

1. Management Team- This is the most important factor when you are looking for an emerging MLM company. You want to make sure the management team has experience in direct sales.

Why ZIJA- Zija has a management team with over 80 years in direct sales (I think most companies can hire a few people with experience and say that too). Zija has Ken Brailsford, co-founder of Natures Sunshine and founder of Enrich International (renamed Unicity) both billion dollar companies and both still in business today. People are still collecting their checks 30 years later-isn’t that the whole goal of network marketing, build it once and let it pay you forever.

2. Financial backing (stability) – Is the company debt free and does it have enough money to handle massive growth.

Why ZIJA-Zija is debt free and more importantly Ken Brailsford is worth over 100 million dollars and is at the helm of this ship. If it makes good financial sense Ken has the ability to pull the trigger and make it happen without getting permission from investors. Zija has positive cash flow with enough money in reserves to go into Japan or another country the right way.

3. Is it too early or maybe even too late- Make sure the foundation of the company is laid before you invest a lot of time and energy, 99 out of 100 mlm start ups fail in the first 3 years. Be cautious of getting into an opportunity when momentum has already hit and you are sharing an opportunity that everyone has heard about, it makes it a hard build.

Why ZIJA- Zija is a stable 4 year old company that has passed 50 million in annual sales but has not passed 100 million which makes it the perfect company to be a part of during momentum. Rising tides raise all ships; this company is in FULL momentum.

4. Global Potential- Can the company go global and have mass appeal

Why ZIJA- Ken has a reputation in the Asian market because of his success with Enrich International, people trust him because he has done it before. In a market like Japan you only get one shot to do it right so if you blow it…forget about it because it’s over. Zija built its foundation in the United States first and then started spreading into a few key Countries. Zija is open in the Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Japan, my team is responsible for 90% of the international growth. If you want face time with Ken on being a key player at Zija or about one of our international markets, I can make it happen. Feel free to reach out-heathersfriends@gmail.com.

5. Mass Market Appeal-do you have a product that is first to market and attractive to business builders and product users alike?

Why ZIJA- Zija’s product line is created around Moringa Oliphera it’s a first to market product and has 3rd party credibility including National Institute of Health, 60 minute video on The Discovery Channel to name a few. The product line is small enough that you can know all the products without much effort including- weight loss, liquid nutritional, skin care and energy drinks. There are thousands of testimonies about the products and it appeals to the masses, who doesn’t want to lose weight, look younger and feel better?

6. Systems for Duplication- Are systems in place for the average person to be successful?

Why ZIJA- Zija has a very easy system for duplication that is taught by the top leaders in the business and the same message from the corporate team. The company puts on biannual events and provides nightly calls to help anyone be successful just by inviting people onto a call.

7. Lucrative Compensation Plan-

Why ZIJA- Zija has a hybrid binary compensation plan with not only a check match component but also a profit participation plan. This compensation plan isn’t heavy on the front and rewards those who have teams that are growing. Zija corporate consistently provides promotions for someone starting in the business today can be in the money within a very short amount of time. Ken Brailsford isn’t rewarding the share holders through his profit participation plan he is giving back 25% of the company to those who help build it.


ZIJA International is now ranked #1 worldwide 
as the top network marketing firm by the MLM Directory 


In their TOP 10 Opportunity Picks, here is the Company Review:

#1 -  Zija
"Being among the first to introduce herbs commercially in capsules, Kenneth Brailsford, (aka "the father of herbal encapsulation" and founder of Enrich) founded his new mlm company, Zija, on the highly nutritious Moringa plant.  As an effective immune system builder and natural anti-aging agent, Zija is a great tasting beverage in a small 5.5 oz container. We like companies with focus. And Zija has it. This company represents a tremendous opportunity for the right network marketer and has yet to experience massive market penetration which leaves a wide open field to leaders with sales talent."

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